First big production run for Haymaker!

Well, the day is finally here. After nearly seven weeks of delays at my bottler (makes me miss the days when my wife and I attempted to do all our bottling ourselves!), I am sitting in a conference room down here in New York, waiting to taste the final batch of Haymaker Gold, before all three flavors are bottled up and ready to ship up to my warehouse in New Hampshire.

I'll take one pallet of cases home with me in the Transit Connect (it's a cute little thing) so I can deliver them directly to my distributor and fill orders that have been coming in for the past two months (sorry everyone!).

Beginning next week, my lovely wife Kate and I will be out in full-force talking up and selling off (we hope!) Haymaker Red, Gold and Purple. Get ready world! The clean sports drink, inspired by hot days in the hay fields, is on its way :-)

Happy hydrating, everyone!




  • Paul Martell

    I hear you are about to relaunch, wishing you the most success and a wonderful future!

  • Rhonda Cammon

    Congrats on the success. would love to connect one day and talk shop. ALso cant wait for my 12 pack to come .

  • Molly Earle

    So excited to hear that Haymaker is ready for market!! Curious: will it be possible at some point to buy a mixed-case? We want to try all three! 😁

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