Haymaker at the Bitter Lacrosse Tournament in Stowe, VT

No, that's not a typo. This lacrosse tournament is put on by the Bitter family every year in several locations throughout the country. Our boys' teams were invited to play, so I invited myself to sell :-)

There was a small fee to be a vendor, of course, but it was certainly worth it! This was the first event that I attended with Haymaker and the response from parents and kids alike was awesome!

Over two days, I stood behind my little fold-up table under my 10'x10' tent and sold delicious, ice-cold Haymakers by the bottle. Well, actually, one lady was super impressed by the whole venture and bought a case of Purple and said I'll be a millionaire soon (thanks for the vote of confidence!), but for the most part, it was one or two... or three or four...  or five bottles per customer.

I love, I think more than any other part of starting a business, the experience of being at a booth and chatting up people and pouring samples for them to try and seeing and hearing their reactions. I guess that's a good thing; because I'll be doing LOTS of it over the next few years, if all goes well :-)

Happy hydrating, everyone!


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