Why did I create the Elderberry Sipper?

Do you use elderberry juice to help you stay healthy in the fall and winter months? I do, nearly every day. I've been using elderberry juices and tonics and syrups for quite some time now and I believe that the humble elderberry is one of the most powerful, natural immune boosters you can find.

One day, however, I realized that I would rather take my elderberry syrup with me wherever I go, instead of having to go to the old medicine cabinet every few days and taking a tablespoon or two. I had one of those 8 oz jars of the magical syrup in my cupboard and I would sometimes remember to take a spoonful or a sip, but often I would forget and I'd end up out in public, surrounded by people coughing and sneezing and looking generally quite awful during cold & flu season and I'd wish that I could just reach into my pocket and grab a little shot of elderberry and take a swig. Well, shortly after having that experience a few times, I decided to make it happen.

I came up with a recipe that I find to be the best tasting I've had and began bottling it in 1 fluid ounce glass bottles that I could keep in my pocket or my glove box in my car or on my desk in my office or in my dopp kit for traveling, etc. It's been so great to have a 1 oz shot of elderberry available anytime and anywhere I need it. I'm thrilled to be able to share the Elderberry Sipper with you!



Jason T 

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