The idea was born years ago in a hayfield on my family farm. What if I could make a sports drink, from plants, that has all the fuel I want from a hydration beverage (electrolytes, antioxidants, just a little sugar) and none of the filler (added colors, added flavors, glycerol ester of what?) that's found in traditional sports drinks?

So, I set out to combine a few simple ingredients that you might find in your kitchen cupboard with some of the most powerful plants from around the world to make a new kind of sports drink. After several failed attempts at producing something drinkable, I eventually created a recipe that I’m happy to drink every day and proud to share with the world.

Haymaker combines natural sources of electrolytes with the great taste and naturally occurring colors and antioxidants found in hibiscus, blue pea flowers, and African rooibos. And we all need a little sugar for energy when working out, but we don’t need an overdose or unnatural alternatives. That’s why Haymaker uses real sugar, but less of it - only what your body needs for high performance on the field.

Finally, I'm not a big fan of gimmicky flavor names that mean nothing in particular. The truth is that most of us just call our favorite one by its color anyway, so why not just stick with that? Haymaker is Red, Gold or Purple; I love simplicity.

From the haying fields to the playing fields, and everywhere in between, it’s time to give traditional sports drinks a run for their money. It’s time for a Haymaker.

I truly hope you enjoy it.
~ Jason T